Star Wars: Force Arena Review

Star Wars: Force Arena (for iOS and Android) is a multiplayer online battle arena game – MOBA for short – and at the heart of the genre are player-versus-player battles in which you have to destroy enemy turret bases with your set of characters. But what separates this franchised adventure from your standard phone-tapper are the Star Wars cast and various accouterments available via a virtual deck of cards. Each time someone dies, you dish out a card, and a new player appears.

The overall game players have to recruit characters in their teams from 80 different available characters that can be played against their opponent. They can either choose to go with the single mode in the game or may also invite their online friends to create alliances.

Gameplay and Replay Value

So far as actual gameplay goes, it’s very intense. You can find various action, and you should be aware of the complete field. That is why there’s a minimap in the most notable directly to show you what is happening on the battlefield. The skirmishes are quick between units. They need to be because of how short each match is. The overall game does an excellent job of balancing health and destruction out between units and leaders. And they are constantly updating so that it is only improving. The game will get a little repetitive, but I keep returning to get more. I’m afraid I’ve become addicted. The overall game does get a little rep…see what I did so there? In all seriousness, the overall game is very user-friendly, suited to anyone that may use smartphones.


The graphics are quite impressive considering it’s a mobile game. This game makes you realize how far we have resulted from the Atari and Sega days. Crisp edges and sharpened attention to detail are very notable. Each leader has the unique ability, and the overall game shows this off. Lightsabers are spinning, and the force is crackling in every battle for sure. A lot of big names are recognized from every movie, which includes Rogue One. Characters react to the challenge as well. You will discover cards that suck people in or blow people up. Items are jumping across the screen over obstructions. Even the snipers in the overall game are moving gradually and ducking behind things in a particular manner. The developers put some work into this, and it shows. Each map that is cycled through appears to be you’re in a movie on a genuine battlefield.

Music & Sound

The music and sound-effects are incredibly accurate to the original movies. They are easily recognizable, and the iconic laser blaster fire and lightsaber swinging ‘swooshes’ are perfect. These classics will bring you directly into the games experience, especially if you’re a devoted Star Wars fan. Even though you aren’t one, the music was created to get you ready for the challenge or cause you to think you are struggling within one. Therefore it is certain to get you pumped for each and every match! I recommend headphones which mean you can immerse yourself in the knowledge.


Controls in this game can be considered a little spotty. This mainly runs if your web connection is lacking. I would be sure to have a secure interconnection. That being said you could easily misclick on display, and rather than attacking an enemy device or leader, your leader will just run up to them. The summoning feature using cards is straightforward. If you go through the card, it’ll summon the units around your leader in a zone that you occupy. An occupied area means you have ‘control’ of the map. You start with half the map, and once you destroy turrets, you can summon units further down the battlefield. You can even hang on a card, and move it to any area of the map that you ‘control.’ Sometimes, as touch phones can do, it’ll think your finger has come off the display screen. This implies that the machine you wished to summon over the map, will just drop randomly. And Murphy’s Legislations says this would be the worst place imaginable of course. Other than that, it is faucet and move or touch and attack. It is very through. Even though I could find what to complain about, I feel as if the controls overall aren’t that bad. I’d scale them 7/10. Which isn’t horrible great deal of thought is an MOBA over a mobile phone.

You can download this game for free from either the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store now on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android device.

Did you download Star Wars: Force Arena and are you happy with it? Let us know in the comments section.

It feels like Star Wars: Force Arena delivers enough fun and nostalgia that the de facto four-battle limit won’t be a dealbreaker, but it is something to keep in mind.

Game Score

It feels like Star Wars: Force Arena delivers enough fun and nostalgia that the de facto four-battle limit won’t be a dealbreaker, but it is something to keep in mind.

  • Gameplay 8
  • Graphics 8.5
  • Sound 8
  • Control 7

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