‘Star Wars: Force Arena’ Releases First Major Update

Netmarble Games has announced the first major update to the mobile PvP game Star Wars: Force Arena, which launched in 154 countries in January. Because of this new patch, players is now able to get a free head card after each season that they take part in. Each season will be cut to 1 week from its current two-week cycle to add more excitement into the game.

Players can earn a gold after they complete 10 tutorial games within Star Wars: Force Arena. Around two gold packages will be attainable per day, as the added daily objective will compensation players up to 10,000 credits upon conclusion every day.

Two new individuals will be added into the game like the Aqualish Engineer and Wed Treadwell Droid. Both who take on the role of mending ally turrets during a fight, which brings a whole new strategy into the game.

Other updates of Star Wars: Force Arena includes an upgrade of UI (game interface), guild system, trade system, and tutorial. Lastly, players are now able to view their challenge history within the overall play. Those interested can get the overall game on the App Store for free by clicking on here. However, there are in-app acquisitions.

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