Sdorica – New fantasy mobile RPG to be revealed at Taipei Game Show

Taiwanese developer Rayark is most beneficial known for its visually stunning sci-fi action mobile game, Implosion, which took the app shops by storm when it primary launched. The studio lately announced its new mobile RPG, Sdorica, which will have got a playable demo at Taipei Video game Show starting tomorrow. Sdorica is normally both the name of an ancient dragon plus the land where the video game takes place.

Rayark claims Sdorica is “pressing the standards of RPG mobile games to a whole new level” on the overall game teaser website, but currently there is merely the teaser trailer above gives an instant glance of the fighting gameplay. Rayark will end up being presenting Sdorica on the Google Take upstage this weekend as well to promote the overall game. I am obtaining a Seven Knights vibe right here, but I will judge once more is shown.

The action takes place in a fantasy world offered beautiful hand-drawn graphics. Gameplay-wise, Sdorica resembles 2D platformer video games. The player’s job is to explore two-dimensional areas, conquer obstacles, accumulate items, and face various monsters. The combat system is a pure arcade. Therefore, the primary elements are reflex and timing instead of complicated tactics. The solo plan is enriched with tough boss encounters. Contrary to most enemies, their defeat takes, even more, planning and locating their weak spots.

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