Pixel Craft – Space Shooter

Space Shooter game titles are highly imaginative with mysticism being their core substance. The gamers enjoy fascinating encounters with aliens, never-seen-before demons with colossal ability or for that matter deadly obstacles. The endless battles having tons of hurdles, interesting experiences, attractive design and high-octane activities form the crux of the overall game.

Pixel Craft – Space Shooter

Imagine if Crossy Road and Space Invaders made the beast with two backs while most of the 80’s watched on and cheered. Actually, don’t imagine that, but that’s basically what Pixel Craft is.

The Pixel Craft – Space Shooter is a free-download game in App Store and Play Store, in which you can fly with a spaceship through the dangerous vastness of the universe. In different environments, you will encounter numerous enemies, one on the other, on the way to the boss opponent one after the other out of the way. But this is not really easy, because you are flying the spaceships and bullets just around the ears.

You control a blocky star fighter with one finger, weaving through waves of equally blocky bad-guys, trying to destroy everything that moves. And I do mean everything. There are weapon upgrades to collect, huge bosses to try and take down, and all the bits and bobs that you might expect from an arcade shooter.


But the game also offers a streak of the new arcade running right through it. A couple of gifts to get, cards to make use of, buys to make, and plenty of different ships to try and unlock.It’s not merely the compulsion to do better that pushes you on, it’s the desire to get shiny new products. Because to be honest, who doesn’t like sparkly new stuff?

The game has gone out right now, and if you want shooting things, collecting things, or beautifully chunky graphics, then you should give it a try. And if you like all those things with some chaos thrown in, then you should give it a go.

Game Features:
– Atmospheric levels with diverse missions to complete
– Memorable battles with extensive bosses
– 30+ crafts to collect
– 10+ super weapons ready for battle
– Update your shield, machine gun, super weapon, nuclear bomb and magnet

You could download Pixel Craft – Space Shooter on below link:


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