Hide Caesar – Physic Puzzle

Play one of the best smartphone games with a real physic engine to secure Cesar now at home or on mobile! Based on popular web mind games and educational games for kids hide Cesar´s physic will quickly become one of your best smartphone games. Place the given objects to secure Cesar´s Coins. When ready a physic rain of nails will drop as you have never seen in any of our other best smartphone games. Try to secure and bring all Cesar Coins home safe.This game is compatible with your HTC Phones, IPhone, Samsung Phones, Windows Phones, HTC Evo, HTC desire, t-mobile Phones, Samsung Galaxy S2 or your Gaming Laptop.

Hide Caesar! is a Physics Based Puzzle Game set in a classical Roman theme. You have to drop a series of objects into the playing field so that they cover the Roman coin. Your attempt to shield the coin will then be tested by a scattering of stones. If the stones touch the coin, or if at any time the coin falls to the floor, the level is lost.

Hide Caesar – fix the fate of mighty golden coin in puzzle games online. Someone has lost a golden coin with an image of Caesar among the ruined pillars and now it is in an extreme peril. Firm hands in the sky, holding a huge jug filled with stones want to spoil Caesar coin. The stones are falling down across the area where the coin is accidentally situated in puzzle games online. Protect the coin by throwing things nearby to hide it from the dropped stones. Those objects can be wooden boxes, stairs, round wooden circles or any other that may cover the coin well. Place the objects cautiously to hide Caesar in puzzle games online.

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