Noctis, A Dark Mode for IOS 10 (Cydia)

iPhone users have been eagerly waiting for a proper dark mode from Apple but it looks like the company is still delaying this feature. If you have a jailbroken iOS 10 device, there’s no need to wait for Apple to release an official dark mode – you can have it right now with Noctis tweak.

While these tweaks are excellent at what they do, you may still find components of the UI overlooked. Noctis, a new tweak from programmer LaughingQuoll topics these in a beautiful way.

Noctis, A Darkmode Tweak for iPhones and iPads Control Center

Dark mode is merely the start as you additionally have the option to create a color of your choice, which is a neat feature which will be useful to designs. For convenience, gleam toggle in the Control Middle to carefully turn it on and off.

He’s ensured to allow other developers to connect into it to toggle other tweaks as well. All this makes Noctis the central tweak for a dark mode experience on iOS.

You’ll see some simple toggles in the preference pane and a slider for the cover from the sun of dark you’d like. There’s also options to theme the Dock, Action Sheets, and Folders. Like most jailbreak tweaks he provides users a choice in what they’d prefer to use.

Noctis, A Darkmode Tweak for iPhones and iPads Control Center color option.

In case a dark iOS mode isn’t what you’re after Noctis still has something to provide. In the preference pane, there’s a cell labeled “Tint Color” – you may use this to set a custom color that matches your Springboard theme if you’d like. Make sure you allow the “Use Color” toggle and respring for this to use effect. Above I used a blue from my track record which is already dark, so it’s not the best for revealing this feature.

Overall, this is a somewhat surprising tweak. I don’t have any complaints other than it having to kill all apps when Eclipse hooks into the On/Off toggle. I spoke with LaughingQuoll about it live on JailCast just lately. He said that it’s not in his area, that Eclipse does it. After he previously explained it, it made sense.

If you’d like to experience a gorgeous dark mode on your iPhone or iPad, then take a look tweak away. Noctis will be accessible for $2.99 on the BigBoss repo.

Did you purchase Noctis and are you happy with it? Let us know in the comments section.

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