Naruto Online Game Review

TitleNaruto OnlineGraphics3D Graphics
Developer / PublisherOasis GamesPlatformBrowser
GenreMMORPGPlayer BaseMedium

Naruto Online Game Overview

Enter the Shinobi World in Naruto Online, a browser-based MMORPG and the first officially qualified game of the favorite manga series. Develop a ninja from five distinct classes (Normal water, Earth, Fireplace, Lightning, Wind) and go on a trip through the storyline of Naruto. Relive your selected occasions from Naruto in Naruto Online. Form a team with shinobi from the series, such as Sasuke and Sakura. Acquire characters through rewards, the money shop, and completion of quests. Challenge enemies in turn-based combat and combo move the team to unleash powerful attacks. Evolve character types and strengthen them with gems, bolstering their stats. Choose from different game settings, such as the PvE campaign to boss raids and PvP ladder matches. Enjoy cut scene and dialogue between your favorite Naruto people in the important quest.


You can choose one of five individuals representing the component of earth, water, fire, wind, or lightning and attempt your adventure. Once selected, your character is instantly dropped into the town of Kohana. Then, you will team-up with Naruto and the rest of Team Kakashi including Sasuke and Sakura. After getting acquainted with the team, players are absolved to explore the overall game world and chat with other players. The game then gradually introduces players to many different aspects of the game, including battle, equipment, updates, etc.

There’s a whole bunch of other features that the game has, but it never feels frustrating. And, the overall game always gives you reminders how to experiment with, when to update and where you can go. So, you’ll always know very well what to do throughout your play training. The quests themselves are used in a straight line from the first two periods of the overall game, where players observe the motivations for Naruto and the other ninjas that he comes across. However, the quest structure for each and every objective is simply either take down a couple of enemies or happen to be this location. Traveling to new places is very simple due to the auto-path option. While it’s understandable that the best highlights from the series have always been the action sequences, it’s a shame that they couldn’t do much else with the in-game quests to be any less monotonous.

naruto-online-gameplay-battleKey Features:

Easily Accessible – available as a browser-based game makes Naruto Online very accessible and playable on most computers.
Collect Naruto Characters – collect character from the Naruto series and form a team of shinobi with them.
Turn-Based Combo Combat – piece together a compatible team of shinobi to combo moves in the strategic turn-based combat system.
Five Classes – Choose from five specific character classes, each gender-locked, from Water, Wind, Fire, Earth, and Lightning.
Play Through the Storyline – experience the quest as the first personality of Naruto through the key campaign mode.
Different Combat Style – Gen-Jutsu, Nin-Jutsu, and the hermit mode – A lot more you enter Naruto Online, the more skills and battles you’ll be able to unlock and use for your successful voyage.


One of the minima of an appealing aspect of this game should be the visuals. From an individual interface to the type sprites. Everything about the overall game just has an incredibly cheap, low budget look and feel to it. Rather than supplying the same aesthetic treatment received in the UNS series, they decided to half-ass the visuals by firmly taking images of the 3D models found in the Naruto games. Which 3D models of each moves containing 3 to 5 frames of animation whenever they’re seen in motion. While the backgrounds include a whole lot of color to them and give off a nice effect of warmness. It’s a genuine disappointment for me personally to visit a modern Naruto game with such poor quality visuals


The control scheme for Naruto Online is very basic and self-explanatory. As it generally runs on the mouse control system as with traditional MMORPGs. Simply point your mouse cursor and left click to move your character, perform attacks when in challenge, and activate skills and many other functions. Certainly, the keyboard is also used to talk to other players, as well as accessing a few shortcut commands. Anyone who has ever played a normal MMORPG must have no problem used to this control scheme.


Naruto Online is a mediocre game to play if you’re a fan, but would recommend looking for another MMO experience if you’re not.

Game Score

Naruto Online is a mediocre game to play if you’re a fan, but would recommend looking for another MMO experience if you’re not.

  • Gameplay 6.5
  • Display 3
  • Control 6
  • Playerbase 6

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