Lords of the Fallen is out right now on IOS & Android

Lords of the Fallen is a new mobile game that has ties to the console game of the same name. So we thought it’d make sense to give you a breakdown of just what that means. On short, if you need everything to know about the game that just hit the App Store our you could use our review on this link. Well, almost everything. We don’t know any hacks or anything crazy like that.

It’s premium

And when I say premium, I mean super premium. You’re looking at a ten pound spend to get the game installed on your device. Which is, well, pretty expensive in this day and age, let’s be honest.

But it also has consumable IAPs. They’re not necessary to complete the game or anything like that, but one of them costs £48.99. And another, which gives you all the equipment in the game will set you back £9.99. Like I say, though, they’re not essential.

It’s Infinity Blade

I mean, it’s not, there are many additions to the template here, but this is a swipe swipey action game that sees you dealing with hulking monsters in one using one combat.

You swipe to attack, tap a shield to block and hit buttons on the left and best suited to the screen to dodge in that course. You can parry as well.

Oh, and you have magic spells you can throw out to improve the ebb and move of the battle. There’s apparatus to upgrade, and you could buff up your arcane powers as well if you’re into that type of thing.

It looks pretty good

However, not great. There’s some chug occasionally, and to be original Infinity Blade 3 appears quite somewhat better. And that came out ages ago.

If you are looking for cheeriness, you’ve come to the wrong place. That is all dirt and grim fantasy. Although there’s a surprising insufficient gore, which is probably going to upset some people.

It’s out right now

And if you want to give it a chance for yourself you can click this link right here to choose it up. Please click here to read our review for Lords of the Fallen games on our site.

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