League of Angels 2: Beauty Companion on Your Journey

TitleLeague of Angels 2Graphics3D Graphics
Developer / PublisherGTArcadePlatformBrowser
GenreMMORPGPlayer BaseHigh

It’s the sequel to the 2013 browser game League of Angels and functions most of the same gameplay elements. League of Angels 2 is a browser MMORPG games where players lead several Angels to vanquish evil from the planet. Progress through 2D phases by defeating enemies, producing the right path from left to correct across the global world, and unlock new places. Experience heroes possessed by darkness beat them, and recruit them to your celebration to assist you on your journey.

Automatic gameplay systems perform leveling and combat to permit players to advance passively. View your heroes unleash vivid assaults, destroying endless waves of enemies. Type an ongoing party of heroes and defeat various creatures, using automatic gameplay components to relax while you play. From mainland China Aside, this sport is operating in elements of North and SOUTH USA now, Europe and the as Russia and Taiwan.

In this RPG online game, gamers can craft heroes by using the angels to aid them to combat the monster, level up their strengths, save angels, obtain and gather gold, diamonds along with other rewards, complete quests, and battle and fight the potent forces of evil and bosses through dungeons.


This game occurs the land of Etheria, wherein the league of angels and heroes must interact to reclaim the Seal of Life that’s taken by the forces of darkness. The Heroes and Angels assemble to fight the army of evil. Players can team up with new gamers in creating an army to battle the forces of evil and save the angels. Players can craft heroes with different abilities and equipped them with the best possible gears and items that they have. They could enhance weapons by socket gems and empower the army by coaching and studying spells to boost the defense. Whenever a hero gains degree and experience up, skills shall be unlocked and improved. The Angels can level up and may also be unlocked.


League of Angels 2 Key Features:

Automatic Gameplay – allow video game undertake leveling and combat for you, permitting you to obtain passive victories.
Vibrant Attacks – watch your heroes unleash a range of powerful and smoothly animated attacks.
Collect Heroes – unlock brand new heroes simply by defeating them in a fight and purchase them in the Hero shop.
Arena – take part in single-player stage combat to test your may and earn prestige and diamonds.
Multiplayer Dungeons – synergy with other players starting at degree 25 to sweep dungeons and gain exclusive benefits.


In the battle formation, players may select their heroes and one Angel also. In the combat arena, players can perform with other online players to check their skills and strength. Players can join top guilds, and he could be the leader. You could utilize diamonds during the leveling up of the Heroes and Angels. Diamonds also can be used to buy better equipment and gear to strengthen the characters further. This RPG game is free but supplies the substitute for purchase additional gears, efforts and accelerating the leveling up of a character even.

You can even enjoy completing different types of quests on the way which would offer you reward point that will help your character to be stronger. Some exciting top features of Little League of Angels are distinctive Player Versus Monster and Gamer Versus Player settings that may provide you with a thrill while playing.


Regarding its images, its artwork is amazing, and the characters are unique and beautiful made. The game benefited from the complete overhaul also. While I quite enjoyed the look of the original game myself (due to the fact it was an online browser MMORPG), I came across it hard to return to it after viewing the task they’ve done in League of Angels 2. It had been redesign with a thoroughly clean 3D engine, and the many animations and results included do it because of the next generation League of Angels’ justice. A crucial factor that didn’t change a lot, to the enjoyment of most, maybe the clothes that are influenced by that of ancient Rome heavily.
The music is airy and gentle, befitting the fantastical setting of the overall game appropriately, and changing with each kind of scene, from much travel to battle.


Limited customization

It is possible to pick a female, and male character and they could acquire costume stuff like wings and outfits. Not that the overall game requirements any hero customization with the large number of angels that you could select from to accompany you on your journey.
However, the class choice present in the first game will be a pleasant addition.

Paired with an installation system that offers additional skill in addition to a relic equipment that provides players with significant stat boosts and therefore creates a concept of character build, this shouldn’t be too much for players to possess a hero or perhaps a squad they appear unique enough.



Character Progression

The type progression in League of Angels 2 could keep you occupied for very a while. The first thing that could be considered and the hardest to achieve probably would be the quality of one’s angels. There are usually the regular quality angels, fodder to end up being recycled for souls. The Epic quality angels that your squad will undoubtedly be composed of many for the majority of the first game (pre level 35), and the Legendary high-quality angels that’ll be your ultimate objective. My one and the only Legendary angel have twice the Battle Ranking of my best Epic Angel nearly, both being leveled and geared equally. These can be acquired through rewards, purchased with diamonds, or through the Ritual Summon function.

Enhancement of your hero and angels could be done by using Water, Wind, Mountain and Rock prisms which dropped in Normal and Elite dungeons, providing them with higher stats and new skills.
A desire to push them further even? Only make use of Bless Stones to update their rank, to grow their stats by way of a fixed portion, and leveling up their skills.

You also need to think about the relics and equipment your angels. Legendary quality types once being your ultimate goal, and quite difficult to acquire. Equipment can be upgraded through the blacksmith also, while relics can also be enhanced, and socketed with runes offering massive stat boosts. These runes themselves can be updated and combined to provide larger increases.

An in-depth gameplay

With League of Angels 2, it’ll be quite hard to obtain uninterested in the vast selection of dungeon options available when compared to first game. You focus on the whole story dungeons, called Normal dungeons also, to complete, offering gold, Exp and Exp Scrolls, angel and gems summoning tokens, as well as the various prisms required to augment your angels and hero.
As soon as you’ve completed all of the Regular dungeons in a zone, you will get access to Elite dungeons, which have harder challenges and provide rewards similar to the standard ones. The only real downside to these will be that they need the stamina to be complete, something that has, however, to affect my progression in the game.

The Arena provides players with prestige and diamonds, the Hero Test that provides resources (precious metal, Mastery Stones, Relic Essence, etc.), the Abyss that delivers equipment shards along with currency for the Gear Store, and the Dominion that provides significant levels of Bless Stones, Refine Stones, and gold. Put Simply, these Single Participant quests and dungeons will be your primary way to obtain equipment and character upgrading materials. Furthermore, the Arena and the Dominion are PvP activities designed to pit your squad against those of various other players, to observe how you fare against them, and to get build ideas also.

Finally, additionally, there are multiplayer activities which are co-op quests to be completed within what’s called the Palace dungeon, in addition to guild dungeons where you raid bosses with guildmates.

The best downside in this facet of the online game is that you’ll have small control during battles, having none sometimes. You have limited action’s slots to utilize your ultimates, something that isn’t within certain modes just like the Arena. Besides that, your control on the total results of a fight will be limited by building your teams correctly and discovering the most effective formations for the angels.


An intrusive but optional cash shop slightly

League of Angels 2, like the first game just, is F2P. With this economic model, the primary way for the designers to monetize if it’s by way of a cash shop. Plus they certainly don’t miss any chance to show off the truth that it includes various items and deals that may save you lots of time.

Which is all it is the truth is, a real way to save time? Indeed, cosmetics aside, you’ll find nothing in the money shop that can’t be acquired the original way. Even the major cash shop currency could be very easily obtained in the overall game as I am individually spent on 3000 diamonds (valued around $70) after nearly 8 hrs of gameplay.


While we’ve yet to see cement results reflected in the way the player Foundation reacts, there’s little doubt that League of Angels 2 did great work at surpassing its predecessor, and that Atlantis divorce attorneys aspect. Veterans should discover their fascination with the series renewed, skilled and new players having a lot to see alike.


While the game isn’t different enough from other RPGs the concept that is in place is pretty solid and anyone who likes this genre should definitely take a look at League of Angels 2 for the graphical update alone. Though not without its issues, the poor performance when loading up background images being one of them, overall the game isn’t too bad and probably does stand above most of its competitors.

Game Score

While the game isn’t different enough from other RPGs the concept that is in place is pretty solid and anyone who likes this genre should definitely take a look at League of Angels 2 for the graphical update alone. Though not without its issues, the poor performance when loading up background images being one of them, overall the game isn’t too bad and probably does stand above most of its competitors.

  • Graphics 8
  • Sound 7.5
  • Gameplay 5.5

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