Here are the iPhone and iPad BAFTA Nominees, and Which One’s Going to Win

It’s awards season. You might have noticed some furor over the Oscars a few weeks ago. Hopefully, nothing like that is going to mar the BAFTA game awards, which are set to take place on April 6th in London.

Five mobile games have been nominated, mostly in the Mobile category, unsurprisingly. There’s bleed through to other awards, but for the big one, these are your nominees.

Well, actually there are six nominees, but one of them’s Pokemon Sun and Moon, which isn’t really a mobile game and will more than likely win.

Anyway, I thought I’d rank the game’s chances, creating excellent content in the meantime, and proving I don’t know anything about odds. If you’ve not played any of the games yet click on their emboldened names and you’ll be able to grab them from the App Store.

Also, please don’t take this too seriously. You’ll make me do a cry.

The Banner Saga 2

A big moody RPG set in a time of gods, giants, and terribly beardy men. It’s dark and miserable and there are some really tough choices to make as you slog through its tactical fights and Viking ideologies.

Is it going to win? Hmmmmm, on any other year I’d probably put this as my favorite, but instead, I’m going to put it as my second favorite.

Odds: 2/1

Dawn of Titans

A strategy game with kingdom building elements. It certainly looks lovely, but I think there are far more deserving games released in the past 12 months. It’s good, but best of the year?

Is it going to win? Er, I don’t think so. There are just better games on the list.

Odds: 10000000/7

Deus Ex GO


The third in Square’s GO games, this time set in the cyberpunk gray and yellow future of the Deus Ex games. It’s smart, it looks lovely, and yet again it manages to capture the essence of its inspiration in mobile form.

Is it going to win? Normally I’d say it’d come down to a straight fight between this and The Banner Saga 2, but it’s not a normal year. Third favorite.

Odds: 5/1

Pokemon GO

And now we come to the reason it’s not a normal year. Pokemon GO was a global phenomena. Kids got stuck in caves playing it. Caves! Wander around the real world trying to catch Pocket Monsters. It’s fun, and it stretches your legs.

Is it going to win? Yeah.

Odds: Whatever odds make it look like it’s definitely going to win


The outsider. It’s basically Tinder, but for ruling an imaginary country. It’s smart, it does things differently, and you’re going to want to play it multiple times to find out more of the stupid ways your reign can come to an end.

Is it going to win? I really hope it does, but no.

Odds: I don’t know, ten?


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