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When Blizzard arrived with the thought of Hearthstone, it was one of the first times that a previously well-known company made a decision to create a web greeting card game. Now, a few years later, there are large numbers of card games available for folks who benefit from the genre but can’t find anywhere to physical play or just don’t want to store the credit cards. This genre has seen an explosion in the last couple of years, but some game titles just don’t seem to be to are well. Let’s look into some of the better CCGs that Hearthstone has inspired.


Rating: 4 out of 5 actors for similarity.

Faeria is a hex-based cards game with multiple different methods where you can play against other people. It offers excellent multiplayer and single-player components that glimmer and make it stick out from other games in the genre.


Both games focus a lot on the ramping up of mana and making certain you will have enough resources that can be played. Having too many high or low priced credit cards could put you at a disadvantage. Learning how to balance a deck is an art that will serve you well whatever game you are participating in, but it is of particular importance in both of these games.

There’s also the ability to straight influence the overall game with spells and even straight damage your opponent. Spells may well not seem to be that unique, but their capacity to get around every protective mechanism makes them an important part of several different strategies.

The art styles are also very similar. While Hearthstone has a great deal of iconic Warcraft individuals to fall back on, Faeria still manages to include that cartoon-like attraction into its game.

Prices in the store are also about the same, which makes it an identical investment to get started in either game. This similarity on price is something that is important when a great many other game titles charge a lot more for booster packs. Additionally, there is the opportunity of obtaining different cards from the booster packs received in Pandora setting, rendering it possible to experiment with free of charge and stay competitive.


The hex-based system is entirely different, and it adds a game component that Hearthstone is absent. This system makes Faeria somewhat more immersive and can require more strategic thinking. Even though you hold the best cards available, there’s a chance that you will be going to end up trapped and unable to play any of them, if you don’t plan sufficiently. This helps it be crucial to map out every move and know very well what cards your opponent may potentially play.

The various modes offered to offer you far more choices than Hearthstone. In particular, the puzzle option is something that is not seen in other cards. This option provides players who enjoy learning every one of the mechanics an opportunity to showcase. The puzzles look at random which means you can’t just play through most of them at once, which might be a little frustrating for folks who only want to play that one mode.

Skills learned in either of the game titles will translate over well to other, and more experienced Hearthstone players should have no issue quickly picking right up Faeria.


Spellweaver Wrath of Shamans Giveaway

Spellweaver is a free-to-play card game that focuses on unlocking different regions to quest through a fantasy world.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars for similarity.


Spellweaver is a more of the CCG than Faeria, that may allow for a simple transition from Hearthstone. Each change, players can play a greeting card to unlock an additional mana crystal to experiment with creatures or spells, which can aim for the enemy player or creatures.

The first expansion added an enormous amount of quite happy with new cards and talents that many players are enjoying. Different wings or regions of the overall game drop different items, which makes it necessary to explore all of them. This goes in both video games, and part of why gameplay is so distinct in all of the various wings as well. Each area takes a different skill or deck and focusing on how to balance for all the dissimilarities is important.

Player versus player is high level and mostly focused how strategic your deck-building skills are. Participating in through the PvE content will give you an edge and be sure to understand most of the different greeting card types to be able to counter-top your PvP opponents.


Spellweaver isn’t nearly as-is pay-to-win as Hearthstone with less overall cards and simpler to obtain currency, rendering it a more appealing choice for folks who want a game they can deposit anytime. The drop rate for rare cards seems to be higher, and there are all types of quests to extend your collection.

Quests are far more varied, providing many various ways to try out as well. This helps it be much more attractive to get a new quest than in Hearthstone where they can begin to feel like they do only repeat once weekly. However, this will mean that you have to browse the quests and it takes from the just play and goes style that Hearthstone has as well. If you want more lore, this game is likely to be much more interesting. Quest slots must be unlocked, which makes them more of an investment than in Hearthstone.

Overall it is very much like Hearthstone in case it wasn’t for Faeria it would be in the most important place on this list of game titles like Hearthstone.

Pathfinder Adventures

Pathfinder adventures

Pathfinder Adventures is a free-to-play mobile game for Android and iOS devices.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars for similarity.


The cards are themed around different colors, a lot of the various classes within Hearthstone, and work best when played together. However, incorporating multiple colors alongside one another can maximize efficient decks.

The different modes and the drop rates of packs of various modes are virtually identical.


In Pathfinder Adventures, the several types of heroes matter. Rather than everyone only developing a weapon and art that will vary, each identity has a very particular group of stats and skill, making understanding all of the game mechanics crucial. This unique makes it attractive to play every single character rather than just sticking with one.

The game also features fantastic cut-scenes that should be skipped over, and the art is subjectively splendid. The stats and the need for the world around you make it feel a lot more like an MMO that a simple card game, and it takes much more period to play than other game titles like Hearthstone. However, this can be one of the strengths of the overall game, and it is an incredibly fun experience.

Closing Thoughts

Hearthstone has taken about a lot of changes to the video games industry by teaching that traditional game titles can be brought into the digital world and still succeed. While there have been lots of attempts to get the degree of success that Blizzard has achieved, few have come close.

However, Faeria is a great option which allows for players to take pleasure from the same kind of immersive world. The success of the hex-based game makes me think about if the next generation of cards will all merge other genres as well. This development is also being used with Pathfinder and Spell Weaver, all of which have attempted to make cards more enjoyable and immersive by incorporating strategic greeting card and MMO mechanics. I love this blending of different game types and expectation that it carries on in the foreseeable future.

This part concludes our set of games like Hearthstone. There are plenty of other digital CCGs on the market so why don’t we know what your favorites are or any that people overlooked on the list.


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