Fire Emblem Heroes – New mobile RPG is launching next month

 Announced a couple of months back, Nintendo is currently doubling down on the mobile game with some of its more popular titles. The new mobile games are called Fire Emblem Heroes, which is a pretty fitting name for a mobile game. A lot of other games use “heroes” on the subject, so it’s very familiar for mobile gamers.

Unlike Super Mario Work, Nintendo’s first big cellular game, Fire Emblem Heroes is free-to-play. It’s also coming 1st to Android rather than Apple’s App Retailer, where Super Mario Go debuted. The game will be acquainted with any admirers of the franchise. It’s the same basic concept as all of those other series. The most dramatic departure from something like Fire Emblem Fates can be the usage of small, mobile-friendly maps. Each struggle takes place in an area no bigger compared to the screen itself, like so:

The title may also be arriving ahead of new 3DS and Switch entries for the series, a strategy in line with among Nintendo’s primary motivations for finally spending the plunge into the mobile phone: spreading the gospel of its valuable IP to a recent generation of gamers. As the business happily notes, revenue of Pokemon titles skyrocket in the wake of Go’s tremendous success, and the arrival of a new Fire Emblem title could drastically raise the profile for one of the Nintendo’s beloved, but less high profile series.

The overall game is portrait mode only and uses simple swipes to control the turn-based combat. It’s quite definitely a watered down Fire Emblem, though the way the F2P elements will continue to work remains to be observed. Battle will take put on a 8 x 6 grid battlefield in portrait method for mobile devices.

Nintendo as well announced Fire Emblem Heroes could launch simultaneously in Japanese and English on 2nd February for both iOS and Android devices. I have certainly not played Fire Emblem before, but the blend of the 2D sprites and artwork does indeed seem weird. With a large fanbase around the world, Fire Emblem Heroes must have a very successful launch.

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