Dragon Nest Mobile – A Quick Overview

When Eyedentity Games launched the Dragon Nest this year 2010 for PC, MMORPG lovers from coast to coast started being dependent on it quickly. The artistic like computer animation, the cute voices, efficient and delicately designed weapons and the option to perform as different characters each with a different expertise quickly attracted gamers from around the world.

After long years we can play Dragon Nest about mobile devices finally, which is a remarkably similar to the PC version. The designers of Dragon Nest Mobile phone game make an effort to keep it nearly the same as PC version, but additionally, there are many changes. Therefore, the user can appreciate it on mobile devices.

dragon-nest-labyrinthGameplay And Features

Dragon Nest Mobile has a complete lot of promises: an improved graphical environment, an epic storyline, indulging vocals and unusual character types and Non-player Personality (NPC). The overall game features an open up world games with a considerable portion of the overall game operating on autoplay. This feature will imply that players have the choice of just clicking on the objective icon for the type to look for missions and enter the dungeon automatically



As mentioned earlier, the mobile version of Dragon Nest is remarkably like the PC version that was launched way back again in 2010. The most common four characters are created available to players. Nevertheless, the sharper images in the mobile version make the characters look even more entertaining and lifelike. Dragon Nest cellular features four distinct heroes:



The game gives a player the choice of choosing his/ her character and playing the game. The players receive the option of playing with different personas at any point during the game, but they will need to play the overall game with that character right from the start. The gameplay can be saved and may come back to at any stage of time through the video game. This feature supplies the players a launch from the monotonous using a unique personality and will be offering them an arena to explore different skill units and characters. All of the characters include the quick slide capability which assists them to push from powerful enemy attacks quickly.

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