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Puzzle games are aplenty on the Google Play store. It€’s rare to find one that pulls you into the stage where you want to play for more compared to 10 minutes at a time. Thankfully Color Glide, from Eternal Studio, is a game that is fun and addicting in early stages. The premise is simple, but the complexity rapidly ramps up. Think you have what must be done to solve puzzles like this?

Color Glide – An Addicting Puzzle Game

As the player, you must solve each puzzle simply by the “gliding” properly colored squares appropriately colored goal. Simple physics permit each colored square to slip up, down, right or still left. Later on, puzzles test your skills simply by creating walls that only specific colored blocks can pass through, or even by forcing players to combine two colors to create a new color. It’s a rewarding experience when you use some wit to figure out the correct combination of movements.

Each level has a goal, or even par, for some moves to resolve each puzzle. If the level is done at or close to par, the gamer will receive a bronze, silver or even gold trophy. This game adds to the replayability as you can return to any level you have completed to best your previous rating. Before you know it, you will end up being combining colors to reach new goals.

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Music is minimal and soothing. This game is simply not a fast paced, wild puzzle game like Tetris more thoughtful plus calculated, so the ominous, gentle songs fit right in. The sound results are sparse with chimes, dings plus effectively what could be described as the shattering cup. Overall, an excellent complement to the general aesthetic.

Color Glide does apply leaderboards in a very minimal method. You can see scores of friends you might have within the Google Play games system, but outside of that, the leader planks are quite limited. The game also has an alternative to paying to remove those pesky advertisements (which I did not do), to tweet out to your followers regarding the game or to link to and such as Eternal Studio on Facebook.

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More levels can be purchased with gems anytime. Gem prices range from 100 about $. 99 to 600 about $4. Ads can supplement 99, or. Also, you have the choice to play the Daily Level, that is an unprecedented level that is updated every day. Color Glide offers 37 amounts from the start, which should be a good quantity of challenge for most players. After that, in case you still enjoy the game and would like more, feel free to spend your gemstones on more levels.

For fans of the puzzle genre, it’s difficult not to recommend Color Glide. It’s simple enough for a child to understand. However, deep sufficiently for the most mental player to exercise his or her mind a bit. Check it out in the Google Perform store if you’re up for an enjoyable and exciting challenge.

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